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Whores don't trip, they bleed at the bar.

The fact that you would even choose to cheat on your
 girlfriend with me, makes me sick. On both ends. I
regret kissing you last night one hundred fucking
 percent. I just did it to prove that I could. Because you're
 as easy as they come. & believe me when I say. It didn't
 mean anything to me. No matter how many times you
 call me baby, or how many times you tell me you love
 me,  you'll always be nothing more than a cheap fuck.
So maybe we shouldn't have done what we did
last night, well this morning rather, haha.
I know it didn't mean anything, but still.
As fucking lame as it sounds;
you make me smile, haha.
 I still don't regret shit.

You changed my life, boy.
 I can't wait to see you again.

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