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Coming home.

Tonight made me realize a lot of things.

All of which will help me move onto bigger & better things.


I don't give a fuck about you & your bullshit problems you ALWAYS throw at me. We hardly ever talk anymore, & when we do it's about YOU. How about you ask me how the fuck I'm doing. Ask me how the fuck I've been. This isn't sophomore year anymore. I'm not your fucking shoulder to cry on. Man up & deal with your shit. You're acting like a little fucking girl.

There's is so much more to life than boys. You severely fail to realize that. Because that's all you ever talk about. You have no personality, still. No wonder you two are best friends.


& oh my God, if I would have ran into you tonight, I'd honestly be hurt. I just want to see how you're doing. But there's a big problem that stands between us being friends again. & it's wrapped in slutty clothes. I miss you so so much. <3

Blah, I made new bff's tonight. Haha, they pretty much made my night bearable. Is that how you spell bare-able?

But the best part was spending my time with you. & letting everything out, instead of holding it all in. You are so important & special to me. I would never put some stupid boy before you. I don't think you understand how lost I'd be without you. Honestly. I love you with all my heart, Best Friend.

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