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Inspiration at it's finest.

This weekend was amazing.
I trick or treated for the first time in years.

I met Mister T!

I toked & watched scary movies, haaaz.

& there's this boy, who makes me smile alot.
I think I like him, but I'm not sure yet.
He plays with my hands, & plays footsy with me.
I like waking up next to him,
I've said this already but this just feels right.
& I like the way he looks at me, with his silly faces.
"I'm gonna play a song for you."
Haha, you're cute, boy.

Oh! Community service was the bee's knees! Lol, I may have complained the whole time but I was really enjoying myself.

I'm obsessed with the song "Halloween" by Meg & Dia.

I'm rambling.
I like someone.
I'm sore.
I'm watching Not Another Teen Movie.
I'm going Veg again starting New Years.
I'm happy.

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