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I got called into the principal's office today.

& instead of going, I took a walk.
To clear my head of all the shit that
has happened in three days. I felt
so overwhelmed, that I honestly cried for
a hot minute. But I regained my poise when
a janitor gave me a weird look. But I digress,
I thought everything through & I think that
everything will be fine. For all of us.

To my feuding Best Friends;
It will all work out, even if you don't
see it happening anytime soon. We all love
eachother too much, & we've all been here
too long to just walk away. I love all three
of you, honestly.

To the boy;
If you can go off talking about how much you
care about me one day & the next you're
interested in her, then I fucking can too.
I have someone in mind. [;

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